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Stop wasting your money on gimmicks designed to take your money from you until you realize they donít grow new hair such as pills, shampoos, shakes, vitamins and combs, etc.




Look Younger Now! Donít wait and say: I wish I would have done something about myself then. See Real Results from the Professionals in 3-4 months.


Our Board Certified Doctors and Medical Staff make all of our patientsí life dreams come true during the most exciting and wonderful days and times of your life. It all happens now! So, just fill out the information below and press send, it is that easy! We will notify you by email or phone to find out your Goals and Desires.


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(Our Medical Institute honors all other U.S. clinic's quotes

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***Military Discount Information***
"An exclusive offer for our military patients"
In appreciation of your service to our country, we are honored to offer our military men and women 200 free grafts (valued at $600.00) to use towards your hair transplant procedure. Please call us at 888-246-3065 to have your coupon sent directly to you. Simply print it out and bring it with you when you come in for your hair restoration appointment.
Limited to one coupon per procedure.


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  • Ken SiegelActual Patient Ken Siegel, Director of Surgical Procedures and Medical Operations.
  • Patient # 1Patient Completed 2000-Grafts / Implants
  • Patient # 2Patient Completed 1400-Grafts / Implants
  • Patient # 3Patient Completed 3000-Grafts / Implants
  • Patient # 4(1000-regular size 3-5 haired grafts or follicular units)
  • Patient # 5(300-small and 700-regular size haired grafts or follicular units)
  • Patient # 6(1700-regular size follicular units with 3-5 hairs per graft)
  • Patient # 7(500-regular size 3-5 haired follicular units to fill in crown)
  • Patient # 8Patient Completed 3000-Grafts / Implants
  • Patient # 9(1200-regular size follicular units)
  • Patient # 10(2000-regular size follicular units)
  • Patient # 11(1500-regular size follicular units or grafts)
  • Patient # 12(2000-regular size follicular units or grafts)
  • Patient # 13(500-small size follicular units or grafts)
  • Patient # 14(800-regular size follicular units or grafts)
  • Patient # 15(750-micro follicular units with 1-2 hairs per graft)
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Contact Us Today!
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